ADA Website Fixer



In 2018, the Department of Justice issued an opinion stating that the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to websites.

In 2019 the Supreme Court supported the DOJ’s opinion by refusing to hear an appeal of a lower court ruling favoring a blind person who couldn’t order a pizza from the Domino’s Pizza website.

This created an opportunity for attorneys to sue small business owners for having a website that was not ADA compliant, and that may be why you are here.

ADA Website Compliance Service

Have you received an ADA compliance letter from an attorney?

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Our Process


  • We start by creating a full backup of your website, to have an exact copy of how it was before the process began.
  • As an extra level of protection, backups will also be created at key points throughout the process.
  • This keeps all of your content where it belongs, and backs up any new content added while our process is underway.


  • We scan your entire website; the home page, header, footer, product pages, specialty pages, carts, checkout, and more.
  • Every page will be scanned for ADA compliance to uncover errors that need correcting.
  • Images will be scanned for missing alt text and new window promopts.


  • Fix every ADA compliance error! Backend edits, and potential front end edits will be made to the websites existing code and images to bring the website in compliance.
  • We will also install an ADA website compliance plugin that creates an overlay on top of your website with options for color contrast, text size, and more.

Does Your Website Really Need To Be ADA Compliant?

Yes! Your website should be accessible to everyone in the first place, and the rules won’t change back any time soon, websites will need to be ADA compliant moving forward.

We may even see more stringent laws in the future, as many aspects of web design are only flagged as ADA warnings, not violations, so we could see a time when those warning turn into violations and hat must be fixed.

Why Your Website Needs to be ADA Compliant

Lawsuits aside, web design and digital marketing best practices moving forward will include ADA compliance, so more people can visit your website. 

“The ADA is turning 30. It’s time that it included digital accessibility.”

– Caroline Casey, social activist and founder of The Valuable 500