Our Process


  • We scan your entire website; the home page, header, footer, product pages, specialty pages, carts, checkout, and more.
  • Every page will be scanned for ADA compliance to uncover errors that need correcting.
  • Images will be scanned for missing alt text and new window promopts.


  • We start by creating a full backup of your website, to have an exact copy of how it was before the process began.
  • As an extra level of protection, backups will also be created at key points throughout the process.
  • This keeps all of your content where it belongs, and backs up any new content added while our process is underway.


  • Fix every ADA compliance error! Backend edits, and potential front end edits will be made to the websites existing code and images to bring the website in compliance.
  • We will also install an ADA website compliance plugin that creates an overlay on top of your website with options for color contrast, text size, and more.